Vascular and Endovascular

Board Certified Vascular Surgeon, Dr. Peter Purcell and Board Certified Dr. Valerie Purcell, care for their patients with blood vessel problems – poor circulation (known as PAD), aneurysms (abnormally enlarged blood vessels), blood clots, and vein problems such as varicose and spider veins.

Our Horizon Surgical Specialists team will discuss your symptoms and concerns with you, perform a physical examination to determine if you have circulation issues, and often schedule a noninvasive ultrasound examination.  Based on these findings, recommendations can then be made for solving the circulation problem.  

Our Horizon Surgical Specialists team treats problems with risk factor modification, lifestyle changes, medications and sometimes with surgical procedures.  These procedures may be performed under x-ray, in a minimally-invasive fashion, or by standard open surgical technique.

Horizon Surgical Specialists has a state-of-the art Angiography suite, where Dr. Purcell and his highly trained staff perform angiography, angioplasty, stenting, atherectomy and catheter and port placement.  We have the latest devices to treat all types of vascular disease.

7137We also see patients and utilize services at two certified hospital-based wound centers, and are the sole providers of vascular services at Caldwell UNC Hospital, Watauga Medical Center, Cannon Memorial Hospital and Ashe Memorial Hospital.