Vein Clinic

Horizon Surgical Specialists maintains a full-service Vein Clinic, staffed by board-certified providers as well as registered vascular ultrasound technologists.  We specialize in the diagnosis and management of vein disease, include varicose veins, spider veins, bleeding leg veins, ulcers caused by leg veins, and venous blood clots (also called DVT’s).

Our Horizon Surgical Specialists Team diagnose and treat spider and varicose veins.  In addition to other surgical treatments, our Vein Center team performs Radiofrequency ablations (RFA), done through a needle puncture instead of open surgery, Phlebectomies and Sclerotherapy.  Blood clots in the legs may be treated with venography and angioplasty, done under x-ray guidance at our on-site angiography lab.  We use the most up-to-date techniques to relieve varicose and spider veins quickly, safely and as painless as possible.  Invasive procedures utilize intravenous conscious sedation in conjunction with local anesthesia (numbing agents) in order to eliminate patient discomfort and anxiety.

Horizon Surgical Specialists offers Non-invasive Vascular Studies in our office.  Our Registered Vascular Technologists are trained to perform the full range of vascular studies including carotid, aortic, visceral, upper & lower extremity, vein mapping and venous studies.  

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